Estate Planning

The Best Gift You Will Ever Give

Proper estate planning is the best way to provide your family with security and peace of mind. Not only can it ensure your financial legacy is preserved and shared the way you see fit, it can also document your choices for medical care and end-of-life services and help your loved ones avoid having to navigate through a legal mess while dealing with emotionally trying circumstances.

While it is true that estate planning can help avoid burdensome tax pitfalls and maximize your personal wealth, the real beneficiaries of a well-designed estate plan are those you care most about. At the Heritage Law Center, we view your ‘estate’ as more than a just piece of property or bank account balance. It consists of everything you would want to leave your family with, including your values, memories and personal reflections. That is why we work with our clients to build a true legacy that can be passed on to their loved ones.

Planning for end of life issues can be uncomfortable for some; however failing to provide a well thought-out estate plan leaves your family and loved ones to shoulder the burden. A little planning now can prevent a lot of heartache down the road. We offer comprehensive, quality, and affordable estate planning so that you can spare your family the time, expense and anguish often associated with the probate process and guardianship considerations.

Services include:

  • Review of current plans, analysis of your goals, and a full explanation of your options;
  • Planning for and memorializing your wishes for future health care;
  • Planning to manage finances according to your wishes in the event of incapacity;
  • Planning for the care and support of children in the event of parents’ incapacity or death;
  • Planning for the effective disposition of property at death;
  • Drafting legal documents and establishing trusts to protect your assets.

We will work closely with you to analyze your financial and health care situation and fully understand your personal wishes. We will then develop a comprehensive estate plan to suit your needs. We help people plan for the future by drafting wills, creating trusts, designating powers of attorneys, establishing healthcare proxies and living wills, filing homestead exemptions, ensuring proper guardianship for minor children and utilizing tax minimization strategies.
We are here to help you help the ones you love.