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Why We’re Different

The Heritage Law Center is a boutique estate planning and elder law firm serving families throughout eastern Massachusetts.  Our focus is on providing private clients with compassionate care and straight forward solutions to their concerns.  We believe that each engagement is an opportunity to develop lifelong relationships with our clients, who we provide with unparalleled service and access.

More Than a Number

At the Heritage Law Center you are more than just a number.  We take the time to get to know our clients personally.  We listen to your concerns and goals and design an approach to meet your specific needs.  We take the time to explain your options in plain English, and welcome your questions before, during, and after our project is complete.

Clients often come to us in distress, concerned either that they do not have a plan in place for the future or because they are dealing with an immediate event and don’t know where to turn.  Our first priority is to ease the burden from your shoulders.  After an initial meeting, clients often tell us that just knowing that they have someone on their side, developing an effective plan for the future, has given them a greater sense of peace.  We welcome the opportunity to bring a sense of relief and peace of mind to you and your loved ones as well.

Straight-Forward Billing

You deserve to have all the facts before you make an important decision.  To make sure you do, I offer a free, no-obligation thirty-minute consultation to all estate planning and elder law clients. I will listen to your concerns, explain your options, and detail all fees prior to any engagement.

The Heritage Law Center was created to provide an alternative to the inefficient and outdated billable hour model that most firms still cling to.  Billing by the hour incentivizes lawyers to prolong engagements and nickel-and-dime their clients, charging for every call or email.  It also imposes a barrier between the client and lawyer that prevents an open, honest dialogue and the development of a true relationship.

Whenever possible, we charge on a flat-fee basis, which means that you know the price of any services BEFORE we start any work.  We will quote you a fixed price up-front so there will never be any surprises. This allows us to avoid wasting time billing clients for every hour worked, and fosters an environment where you don’t have to be afraid to call your lawyer.

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